Michael Kurman, Managing Director

You can add solar enabler to Michael’s list of exploits. Michael is a thinker and a doer. He is a man of few words; however, he knows how to take the steps needed to turn a vision into a reality. His passion for helping people and the planet were the inspiration for creating LASE Solar. LASE is an acronym for Michael’s children: Lucas, Alexis, Sophie & Emily.

Together with the field expertise of COO Jay Johnson they have quickly developed LASE into one of the country’s leading commercial and utility-scale solar installation companies. Day to day he oversees operations, finance, marketing and business development. He is OSHA 30 and Red Cross Certified.

Michael lives in picturesque Doylestown, PA but loves to travel and capture life through a camera lens. You can see some of his work here. During his travels, he can often be found on-site working along side some of LASE’s crew members..

After putting himself through college by roofing and playing music in the greater Philadelphia area, Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Russian Studies.

Michael was a touring and recording musician for many years, playing with a multitude of local, regional and national artists.

Michael loves to be healthy and active; he is an avid ice hockey player and loves mountain biking, hiking, as well as staying fit at the gym. He tries not to eat any food that has parents.

He loves building things (an addition on his house, changed car engines, multiple computers from components,furniture from old hockey sticks, etc).

Email: michael@lasesolar.com